February 20, 2017

Through the trees

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December 31, 2016


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Goodnight, 2016.

February 23, 2016


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February 4, 2016

Little Lighthouse

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little lighthouse

December 29, 2015


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March 26, 2014

Spring under construction

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under construction

February 18, 2014

49th Street Reflected

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49th Street Reflected

Evening on W. 49th St., on my way to the show a couple weeks ago. I was just trying to capture those entryway lights against the color of the sky and the bare trees; I didn’t see until I uploaded the picture that I’d caught that mirror image on the window I was leaning against.

January 30, 2014

Winter river

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winter hudson riverDog-walking along the Hudson in upper Manhattan yesterday evening.

March 13, 2013

Evening through the Looking Glass

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Late winter walk in the park.

February 17, 2013

Sea and clouds

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neat clouds 2

Call me crazy, but I love beaches in winter.  This is Centerport Harbor, in Centerport, New York, where a friend and I took a long walk yesterday and watched some fascinating clouds roll in.

(If any of my geeky followers know the name of this specific cloud formation, I’d be interested; Google Image yielded no clear matches.)