December 12, 2012

Baking day

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I last baked bread for myself sometime in elementary or middle school…about 20 years ago, unbelievably.  (The church I grew up in used to be small enough that we always had homemade bread for communion, which I made once, and also once or twice for school projects.)  But somehow I’ve kept finding myself badly craving the feeling of kneading bread dough, or the need to make something incredibly intense with my hands, the past couple weeks.  So with an unexpected whole day off today, I made some bread.

kneading dough

It felt as incredibly good as I’d been missing.  I’d also forgotten how much I love the smell of the yeast in rising dough.


I made some thyme butter to go with it.  The second loaf is going to make incredible French toast next week.

I fear I could get addicted to this.