25 Things About My Sexuality Not safe for work, in case you were wondering.

1000 Journals Project One thousand journals are traveling the world.

Alliance for Inclusion in the Arts

Ada Hoffman

An American Girl in Cambodia

Auntie Bellum


The Avid Listener


A Year of Plays One of the strange and frustrating things about working in theater is that you don’t actually get to see very much theater.  Actress Anna Moore tries to change that, vowing to see and write about one play per week.

The Ballerina Project  Ballerinas all over NYC.

The Biology Files

Book of Jubilations Hooray, Josh’s blog about making a life in music is back!

Book Friendzy!

Book Porn

Captain Awkward

Cast Asparagus  Jennifer’s an anthropologist.  Who cooks.

Classroom as Microcosm

Cognitive Informalist The art and science of informal learning.

Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

Eli Clare

Elodie Under Glass

Erroll Morris The archive and blog of writer/filmmaker Erroll Morris.  This guy’s Times columns have kept me thinking and sane through many long days of temp jobs.

Fibonacci Spiral

Free Will Astrology

Fuzz Junket

Girls in the Hall

Global Food Database  Chef Sal is hiking the Appalachian Trail collecting oral histories of Southern food culture.

Go Like Water

Got Medieval Fun with Medieval European culture, history and literature.

HowlRound  A journal of the theater commons

I Speak of Dreams

I Wrote This For You

In the Can  Sound designer Amy is blogging her way around the world of public restrooms.

The Intimacies Project A public art project with dance, music, poetry and multimedia.

Is the L Train Fucked?  In case you need to know.

Living on the Margins  The art and food culture of poverty.

Lost City  Neat stuff to know but frequently sad to read.

MADE HERE Project NYC performing artists talk about the challenges of their lives and work.


N/A Literary Journal  Where nothing applies.

Neil Gaiman’s Journal

NeuroTribes Wired investigative reporter Steve Silberman.

no longer human, but not yet made of stars

NOS Magazine

Ordinary Courage Sociologist Brené Brown on living with authenticity.

Persephone Magazine


Pretentious Title

Portable Philosophy Thoughts on music, writing, teaching, and more

Rookie  Another thing I wish had existed when I was a teenage girl.

Stephen Berlin Johnson

The Rumpus

The Trivedi Chronicles

This American Life  My personal favorite radio episodes, a full hour long and great for a good story with a cup of coffee on a rainy afternoon, are “Didn’t Ask To Be Born,” “The House on Loon Lake,” and “The Ghost of Bobby Dunbar.”

This Old Chef

Sarah Over the Moon

Sweet Juniper Raising kids unconventionally in Detroit.  Make sure to read the post “The Dog Wagon.”


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