25 Things About My Sexuality (nsfw)

1000 Journals Project

Ada Hoffman’s Autistic Book Party

An Actor Travels

An American Girl in Cambodia

Ariane Zurcher


The Avid Listener


A Year of Plays

The Ballerina Project

Book of Jubilations 

Book Friendzy!

Book Porn

Captain Awkward

Cast Asparagus

Classroom as Microcosm

Cognitive Informalist

Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

Eli Clare

Elodie Under Glass

Erroll Morris

Fibonacci Spiral

Free Will Astrology

Fuzz Junket

Girls in the Hall

Go Like Water

Got Medieval


I Speak of Dreams

I Wrote This For You

In the Can 

Is the L Train Fucked?

Lost City



Museum for Object Research

N/A Literary Journal 

Neil Gaiman’s Journal

no longer human, but not yet made of stars

NOS Magazine


Pretentious Title

Portable Philosophy

Radical Face’s blog

The Red Hand Files


Stephen Berlin Johnson

The Rumpus

The Trivedi Chronicles

This Old Chef

Sarah Over the Moon

sweater weather

Sweet Juniper

Zombie Education Alliance

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