August 28, 2019

A note on blog policies

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:08 pm by chavisory

Hi everyone!

So if you’ve ever gotten around to reading my About section, you’ve seen that I have a contact e-mail address for this blog.

The reality is that I do not get around to checking this address very often. I’m trying to get better about that, but the reality is that I have kind of a ridiculous and unpredictable work schedule that often leaves me with very limited bandwidth for non-work related communication for months at a time, and if your message is time-sensitive, there’s a good chance I won’t see it in a timely manner.

A lot of the messages that I miss have been asking for my permission to share, cite, or mention my work for another blog post or article or campaign, and I just totally didn’t see it in time to respond in a useful way.

So this is just a reminder that this blog has a Creative Commons License. It’s an Attribution/Non-Commercial/No-derivatives license, and it already lays out most of the terms under which I’m okay with my work being used, but basically, you do not need my explicit permission to quote anything I’ve written, to mention it, to cite it in academic work, to link back to it, to print it out and make copies for students to read, or to use it in a way that would legally be considered “fair use,” as long as you accurately credit/ attribute the authorship to me.

I do ask that you not use it for commercial purposes, or change and then redistribute it.

Otherwise, go to town. Have fun.

(Of course, if you’re using one of my posts in an educational setting or academic work, if you’ve shared it and people have found it helpful, I would love to know about it, but you don’t need my advance permission to do it. If for some reason you need my actual full name for a citation to satisfy someone else’s requirements, then do please e-mail me. I will give it to you, but I don’t publicize my real name here.)

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