November 10, 2016

I can’t fix this for you and I can’t tell you what you want to hear.

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This is to anyone who has ever, ever said to me “You could rule the world if you really wanted to!” who voted for or in any way enabled what happened this week.

I am pretty sure that this statement has never meant anything but a combination of “I have no actual clue either how the political world works, or who you really are,” and “I just want you to fix everything for me without me having to take seriously a single thing you say.”

And I am tired of your excuses and I am tired of you not taking responsibility for your world, and no, I cannot help you now.

Likewise, I never want to be told, ever again, “But you’re the smartest person I know!” or “You’re the most articulate person I know!” by anyone who is not prepared to listen to anything I have to say in the slightest regard.

You already know what I think.  I’ve been saying it on loop since I was a child.  Justice matters.  Bigotry is wrong.  It did not make a difference.

Now you have to make it right, because I tried.

I also can’t protect you from the emotional consequences of your choices.  There’s something I’ve realized I do a lot, which is reassuring people that everything’s really all okay after they’ve screwed up and wasted my time or caused me a lot of hurt or extra work.  And I can’t do that right now.

I can’t pretend not to be upset right now.  I’m not going to pretend to you that it’s all okay.  It’s not okay.  It’s really bad, and I can’t tell you it’s not.

Now you’re baffled at the vitriol and the anger you’re seeing in your social media?  Now you’re sad at the divisiveness?

You chose this.  When you voted for a candidate relying on a rhetoric of violence against women, of open persecution of religious minorities, of expanding blatantly racist policing practices, of undoing hard-won civil rights protections for queer people, you chose this.  We told you exactly what it was going to mean to the marginalized people in your life whose welfare you claim to care about if you voted for this man, and in full knowledge, you still did it.  So you chose this.

You do not now get to expect us not to be upset.  Your choices have had consequences.  You don’t get to expect that I will hide those consequences from you.  If you helped this happen, I have no comfort to give you.  It is all going to people who are going to need it more.

This isn’t me giving up; this is me deciding to put my effort where I actually think it can do any material good.  I’d already given some thought to it even before election day.  First, I have a book to finish editing.  It’ll be out this month.  Then what I am going to do is figure out how I can best financially, concretely support the people who I know are about to be failed really hard by social safety nets and by the communities who apparently can’t quite decide whether some of us are fully human or full citizens or what, in surviving this.

This isn’t to make you worry about me.  I always get through.

But you broke this, and now you get to fix it.  I have other shit to do.


  1. VisualVox said,

    Reblogged this on Happy, Healthy Autist and commented:
    This. Every . Single . Word .

  2. marlapaige said,

    Couldn’t have said better myself.

  3. Zoran said,

    The vitriol and the anger in your social media is a sign of a bunch of self-absorbed twits upset that what they assumed was their innate right-to-rule has been thwarted.

    Seriously, if a candidate (and presumably those that support them) are going to write off half the population as a “bucket of deplorables”, you really can’t be all that surprised if people decide to vote for someone who doesn’t hold them in such blatant contempt.

    I mean, in 2012 when Mitt Romney said his job (were he president) was not to worry about 47% of the population, who he characterized as “takers”, he lost because people decided to vote for someone who didn’t hold them in such blatant contempt.

    I really don’t know why anyone would expect things to go differently this time.

    • The more you and your ilk speak, the more Hillary is being proven right. Your feelings are not more important than the safety and personhood of millions. If you don’t want to be called a deplorable, don’t goddamn act like one.

      • Zoran said,

        You’re right. Feelings aren’t more important than the safety and personhood of millions. I agree entirely.

        Which is why I’m rather glad the candidate pushing for World War III lost the election. It means the millions whose safety, personhood and very existence would have been extinguished get to live on.

        I’m sorry your feelings are hurt. If you want to dehumanise me by consigning me to the “bucket of deplorables” for preferring peace to war, then so be it.

        I hope, with time, you will get over it.

      • chavisory said,

        No candidate was pushing for WWIII. That’s false, and I don’t know where you came up with it or heard it. Don’t spread falsehoods here.

      • chavisory said,

        One was pushing for us to “go in and take” the fossil fuel resources of other sovereign nations. Not the one who lost.

      • Zoran said,

        One candidate was quite clear about wanting to establish a no-fly zone in Syria which would involve shooting down Russian planes. They constantly demonized the Russians, ratcheting up tensions. They ridiculed those suggesting diplomacy and co-operation with the Russians as being “Putin puppets”.

        That candidate clearly wanted a confrontation with Russia. They were quite consistent and persistent on that point. Given that candidate’s history of supporting the invasion of Iraq, destroying Libya, and promoting and wanting to escalate the war in Syria, there’s no reason to think they weren’t quite serious about that.

        The Russians obviously thought that such a confrontation might well lead to war. They were conducting defense drills involving forty million people and ensuring that civilian bomb shelters had enough supplies stored away to feed citizens for twenty days. Given the effort and expense involved in such a drill, I don’t think they were doing it just as a lark.

        The other candidate, by contrast, wanted to talk to the Russians and Syrians, de-escalate tensions and to co-operate with them against terrorist groups like ISIS.

        Perhaps you don’t consider a military confrontation between two nuclear powers like Russia an the United States to be World War III, but I’m still glad we avoided it.

      • chavisory said,

        We haven’t avoided shit yet.

        Also, at this point, I’m gonna have to ask you to stay on topic to the post.

    • chavisory said,

      I was never behind the “basket of deplorables” comment. I believe in treating people as accountable for their own reasoning and choices. A lot of people made a bad one here, having been given no shortage of notice why.

      But they have control of the government now. So no more excuses. They broke it, they bought it.

  4. Kimbi said,

    Well i’m glad somebody said it!

  5. danjodea said,

    Reblogged this on The Dragon Core.

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