July 29, 2016

I’m not addressing this to Trump supporters. I don’t think there’s anything left I can say that I haven’t been saying that will matter to you.

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I’m addressing this to mainstream moderates and conservatives who don’t like your options right now.  This is brief, but something that I’ve been thinking for the past few weeks about how to say.

I will not ever tell someone to vote against their own conscience.  I don’t think I have that right.

But…If we were in some kind of inverted situation from that in which we find ourselves presently, in which there were no viable liberal or progressive candidate, and Trump or someone much like him were running in the general election against a more traditional conservative or Republican… Just for instance, Jeb Bush or Lindsey Graham or someone much like them…  Someone with whom I had really serious ideological disagreements, but someone who I thought had a basic core respect for the American democratic process, for Constitutional government, for civil rights… Someone who undoubtedly had the experience and temperament necessary to be President,

I would vote for that person.

Given the choice between a conservative with whom I had very deep political disagreements but who I believed, at the end of the day, had a conscience and an ability to govern, and an honest-to-God authoritarian with neither…

Not without a sense of conflict, but I’d vote for the person whose decisions on behalf of our country could even be subject to the effects of legislation, protest, advocacy, evidence, and rational debate.

Just… think about it, is all I’m asking.


  1. autisticaplanet said,

    I was thinking of a 3rd party option. I understand a write-in candidate has to register in the state a person writes in. I don’t understand how voting for 3rd party candidates boosts a main party’s candidate.

    • chavisory said,

      There are circumstances under which I would vote for a third party candidate, but they are not these circumstances.

      Whether voting for a third party candidate will boost a main party’s candidate depends on multiple factors, like whether the state you live in is a swing state, and whether there are more people in your state who will vote for a different third-party candidate than you will, and which major candidate third-party voters would’ve voted for otherwise.

      So for instance, in 2000, third party candidate Ralph Nader’s voters likely swung the election for Bush. Because they split up the Democratic/progressive vote more than Harry Browne split up the Republican vote.

      There are states in which a vote for Gary Johnson is going to help Hillary (by taking away an otherwise likely Republican vote), and there are states in which a vote for Jill Stein will help Trump (by taking away an otherwise likely Democratic vote), and there are states in which a third-party vote will be completely ineffectual (because the state is so solidly Democrat or Republican).

      So, if voting for a third party this year is that important to you, know what’s going on your state, I guess.

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