October 20, 2014

Apartment wildlife

Posted in City life tagged , , at 11:55 pm by chavisory

We had a bad leak in the apartment about a week ago, followed by days of cool, humid weather that meant the walls and ceiling didn’t dry out well at all.  Heading into the bathroom this afternoon, I looked in the mirror to see this little guy right above the doorframe behind me.

little mushroom

[Image is of a tiny brown mushroom growing out of a crack in the paint of a white wall.]

Me:  It’s so cute.
Emily #2:  I could think of some different adjectives….


  1. Alyssa said,

    I mean it is cute but it should go be cute not in your apartment.

  2. PK said,

    I also think it’s cute – but I get why others are not entirely charmed (LOL).

  3. suburp said,

    wow. beautiful! loaded w symbolism. =) (also: beware of mold..)

    • chavisory said,

      Oh, we’re already overly familiar with mold. : P The adorable baby mushrooms were new, though.

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