August 14, 2013

West Side Sunset

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west side sunset

Sunset over Manhattan Valley.

(Substantive writing coming soon.)

August 10, 2013

We are like your child…

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A somewhat very belated notice…

In the madness that has been the last month or so of my life (staged reading! Fringe show! month-long jury duty! new landlords tried to ignore collapsing ceilings! baby’s first Pride Parade!), it totally escaped me to put up an alert in a timely manner about the new(ish) collective blog that I’ll be a part of.

It’s called We Are Like Your Child, and it’s by mostly autistic but also other disabled adults.  It’s about the reality of our difficulties, how we cope and problem-solve, and also our joys and how a life worth living and being proud of doesn’t have to be one free of hardship or impairment.

I’ll be posting there occasionally/as often as I can manage along with other co-moderators and guest bloggers, all of whom so far are awesome.

My first post, The Importance of a Niche, had to be posted by co-blogger Cynthia Kim because I’m such a fail of an Aspie stereotype that I couldn’t figure out how to sign in and post to a group Blogspot.  This week’s current post–Wait, I’m Injured?!–is by Alyssa of Yes, That Too.