September 17, 2012

The Mystery of the Harmonica

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I both enjoy and pride myself on my good memory.  It’s very good, very vivid, and very detailed.  To the extent that it often freaks other people out.

So, as my roommate and I were doing a little fall cleaning on this lovely afternoon before class for her and work for me, I am a little confused to find a harmonica of which I have no memory.

It was in my nightstand.  It has been for several years.  I have never and cannot play it, though I did try to teach myself briefly.  I almost tossed it right into the thrift store donation bag without a thought, before I noticed that it’s labeled “[My Full Name]–ASM,” in my handwriting, in pencil on the bottom of the box.

It is a Bluesband Hohner International, in the key of C.

So this was a harmonica involved with a show, and one that I assistant stage managed.  Which should narrow things down considerably; I can count on one hand the productions I’ve ASM’d.  Either it was given to me for the opening or closing of a show, or, I’m starting to vaguely suspect, it was mine to begin with (but why?) and I loaned it as a rehearsal prop to a production.

But still no solid recollection of which of my shows even involved harmonicas…to the extent that I would’ve been given one, or loaned one to the show.  Possibly one was in a show briefly but was cut early in rehearsal, explaining my negligible memory of it.

I’m going through old props lists now….

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