May 23, 2012

Unintentional Intermission, and Recommended Reading

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In no way did I intend to neglect my blog for this amount of time.

To make a long story short, I’ve had two amazing shows back to back this winter and spring which were emotionally sapping more than they were difficult to run, and though my rehearsal days haven’t been overly long, they’ve been grueling.  I’ve fallen into this strange and serendipitous state in which themes of the shows I’m working on always seem to mirror something I hadn’t fully realized I was coping with in my own life…and so work has been basically everything since about last September.

I started another little side blog over on Tumblr, the Post-It Notes, not intended to replace this one but just because there’s a lot of good art, discussion, community, fandom, and general geekery over there.

I’ve been getting a lot done–just not the writing that I’ve wanted to.  I promised Jill Smo a guest post back in November or December, I think (which is still being worked on, Jill!  Is in editing stages, in fact!).  Emily #2 and I welcomed new roommate Lauren, and we had to have our bathroom walls and ceiling torn out and replaced again (er, unconnected to Lauren’s moving in), among other issues we’ve been having with our new building owners, and I managed to do some long overdue basic life things like getting new glasses.

But I hope to be able to get back to it soon, maybe even, fingers crossed, later this week, if I’m a good girl and get all caught up with show work.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for some compelling reading while you wait for me to get my act together, this week’s issue of Rolling Stone (May 24) is more than worth the $5.  I rarely buy magazines, but picked it up for the cover story on the handsome and captivatingly talented Peter Dinklage, and the ethical and artistic compromises he refused to make in his acting career as a smaller person.  (The New York Times Magazine also recently ran a great article along the same lines, “Peter Dinklage Was Smart to Say No”.)

That profile is almost back to back with another, “The Secret Life of Tom Gabel,” on Tommy Gabel, a punk musician whose work with the group Against Me! I was never familiar with, and his decision to come out as transgender and begin to transition.  I have no idea if there was any thematic intentionality to running these two stories in the same issue, but to read them side by side is a startlingly beautiful look at the risks and rewards of being different and being yourself.

May 2, 2012


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I was on my way to an event in Times Square last week when I smelled…what in my childhood memory is the smell of driving through southern Kansas….

Yep.  Oil.

The only thing weirder than walking past oil pumps in Times Square?…was watching the number of people who walked right past them without even blinking.