April 13, 2012

Survival Skills

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Keep a list
See what needs doing

Build a fire
Do my own taxes
Walk a long way

Stage manage a dance, a play
Read a map
Spring at a chance
Swim—well enough

Watch and learn
Listen hard
Make it up along the way

Write a poem, a letter, a research paper
Eat with chopsticks
Hold a grudge
Carry a torch
Carve a pumpkin

Type 80 words a minute
Fold a paper airplane
Love a broken thing
Travel by bus and train

Give first aid
Hide in plain sight
Take note
Pack light

Play “Blackbird” on the guitar
Brew coffee
Shelve books
Patch a shirt

Recite “The Fairy Reel”
Grow a window box of herbs
Cook comfort food
Wear out a pair of shoes

Use a scale rule
Rock a baby to sleep
Befriend a stray cat, a wary goose

Braid hair into pigtail buns
Knot a clover chain
Climb a magnolia tree
Look again

Read stage directions
Trust to intuition
Curse like a sailor
Name the phases of the moon
Find my own way home

Recognize edible wild things
Onions, wild carrots, crabapples, dandelion greens
And the calls of a mourning dove, robin, owl, chickadee

Keep warm
Sleep deeply
Kiss lightly
Dream little


  1. Sue said,

    Trying to get back into making the blogging rounds. Love this poem! Hope you are doing well!

  2. Aspergirl Maybe said,

    This is a beautiful poem – I love it!

  3. chavisory said,

    Thank you both ladies! I’m trying to get my blogging act back together as well. 😉

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