April 13, 2012

Survival Skills

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Keep a list
See what needs doing

Build a fire
Do my own taxes
Walk a long way

Stage manage a dance, a play
Read a map
Spring at a chance
Swim—well enough

Watch and learn
Listen hard
Make it up along the way

Write a poem, a letter, a research paper
Eat with chopsticks
Hold a grudge
Carry a torch
Carve a pumpkin

Type 80 words a minute
Fold a paper airplane
Love a broken thing
Travel by bus and train

Give first aid
Hide in plain sight
Take note
Pack light

Play “Blackbird” on the guitar
Brew coffee
Shelve books
Patch a shirt

Recite “The Fairy Reel”
Grow a window box of herbs
Cook comfort food
Wear out a pair of shoes

Use a scale rule
Rock a baby to sleep
Befriend a stray cat, a wary goose

Braid hair into pigtail buns
Knot a clover chain
Climb a magnolia tree
Look again

Read stage directions
Trust to intuition
Curse like a sailor
Name the phases of the moon
Find my own way home

Recognize edible wild things
Onions, wild carrots, crabapples, dandelion greens
And the calls of a mourning dove, robin, owl, chickadee

Keep warm
Sleep deeply
Kiss lightly
Dream little