December 29, 2011

Winter sunset

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It’s always hard for me to be back in the Kansas City area, because every time I’m back, yet another piece of prairie or woodland has become a strip mall or zombie clone subdivision.  It’s part of the reason I only tend to visit once a year for the holidays, and don’t think I could ever bear living here again.

A few mornings ago, we saw a family of five deer go bounding over the fence and through the backyard of my childhood home; that would never have happened when I was growing up, but they’ve lost so much of their habitat, they have nowhere to be.

This is the view westward from my mother’s front yard, though, and it hasn’t changed much since I was about 12.

Today it’s back on the Greyhound bus for New York, and I’m trying not to think about the fact that I won’t see a bed again for more than 36 hours.


  1. Good God, thanks for making me depressed about being in Kansas City! Just kidding, I’ve disliked this place for years. What new area made you sad this time?

  2. katie s. said,

    I promise there are a lot of wonderful things happening in this city, too. There’s a reason I’ve chosen to keep living here.

    • chavisory said,

      I know…and I actually like things downtown quite a bit. It’s just too depressing to watch what’s happening to the Northland.

  3. Emily said,

    It makes me sad that so many animals are getting forced off of their land. The suburb where my parents live isn’t exactly prairie land, but every time I go visit them there is more development, too. I like the photo though…very nice 🙂

  4. katie s. said,

    p.s. for what it’s worth, platte county is developing a massive trails and greenways system. sid and i went to explore a new section of it today, north of the airport. there are miles of trails surrounded by restored prairieland, creeks, and woods that connect up to small trailheads at subdivisions in the area.

  5. Grumpa Joe said,

    John Steinbeck wrote “you can never go home.” He meant exactly what you described. Things change, and home is not what it was when you left it. The home you knew and loved is long gone. It is simply evolution. Had you remained the change would have taken place under your nose. Yet, because you were not there to see it happen, the changes viollate your senses.

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