July 26, 2011

New views from the High Line

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The High Line’s second section is open!  I visited recently and joined enthusiastic throngs of amateur photographers on a cobalt blue summer day.

This is the view towards 10th Avenue from a garden two stories off the ground.  The High Line is one of our newest parks, constructed on top of an elevated train trestle along the far west side that had been abandoned for many years.  Preservationists lobbied for years to have it refurbished as a park rather than demolished.



I love it for the unexpected view it gives of the city, and for the horticultural ingenuity it demonstrates, how people will try to grow stuff pretty much anywhere in this city.

The High Line is a fascinating testament to the endless adaptability and resourcefulness of everything and every creature in this place.


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  1. Sue said,

    I love the resourcefulness and the photos you took are beautiful!

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