February 21, 2011

Last snow day

Posted in City life, My neighborhood tagged , at 3:16 pm by chavisory

I know better than to get my hopes up when we have a warm snap in February that it’s going to last.  I do, I do, I do.  Still, my heart sank a little when I woke up this morning to an unexpected coating of new snow on my windowsill.

{Sigh}.  The lakes and mountains of dirty slush were almost gone.  The mountains of uncollected trash were, too, although piles of dead Christmas trees still depressingly remained, their fragrance dissonant with the bright sunshine, green grass, and warm breeze in which I went out for a walk in t-shirt and hoodie just a couple days ago.

Now we start all over again.

But these are actually pictures from that last big snow day in January…when it was still pretty and childishly exciting…of my tramp through the park to Harlem Meer and the Conservatory Garden.

Snowy branches straight up against the sky.


  1. Aspergirl Maybe said,

    Pretty pictures, but I know how you feel. I so enjoyed the end of last week and was disappointed to realize how cold it was again today. Guess I need to replenish my supply of hot cocoa!

  2. Kim said,

    The last snow day is the best day, in my opinion

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