September 4, 2010

Onion-esque headlines, volume 2

Posted in Onion-esque at 12:36 pm by chavisory

My last two posts were a little bit heavy, so here are some more funny headlines for a lovely three-day weekend.

“Samples leak of preposterous Bob Dylan Christmas album.” –NYMag, 9/19/09

“O’Keefe: You can’t escape the sex.” –AMNYork, 9/18/09

“Study finds women wear shoes that cause pain.” –New York Times, 9/29/09

“Scots aim lasers at landmarks.” –New York Times, 11/4/09

“It will be disappointing for many reasons if the world actually ends in 2012.”  –, 11/9/09

“Government-backed Chinese gay bar stays empty.” –, 12/1/09

“Parents often don’t know what kids are talking about.” –Newsweek, 12/25/09

“Newsflash: It’s still really hard to make a living in theater.”  –Stage Directions, February 2010

“Tired Gay succumbs to Dix in 200 meters.”  –Reuters, 7/3/10

“Anglican body hits impasse on women.”  –New York Times, 7/10/10

“Wrong.  All of It.  Ditto for Everyone Involved.”  -New York Times, 8/15/10

“Rare Look at Documents Shows Pirates Are Making Money.”  –New York Times, 8/23/10  (It’s actually about the Pittsburg Pirates, not just pirates, my first impression which made me think “since when do pirates keep documents?”)

“I was a landlord to a Russian spy, and he was a total slob.” –, 8/24/10

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