July 6, 2010

Postcards from my neighborhood~More little reasons I love living here

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For a late Happy Independence Day, this little structure sits in the middle of the woods in the north end of Central Park; I’d been living here several years and thought I was thoroughly familiar with what I consider “my” end of the park when I stumbled upon it off one of the little trails I’d neglected.

It is officially known as Blockhouse #1; it was built in a hurry by neighborhood residents during the War of 1812 when English attack unexpectedly came from the undefended north of Manhattan instead of the already heavily fortified south.  Originally it was one of six such impromptu fortifications throughout Morningside and Harlem, but all the others have been destroyed.

In the Conservancy Garden, a little sparrow sat waiting impatiently against a perfect blue sky for me to get it together and take his picture already.

Wisteria entwined with the wrought iron rails of the covered walk.  The tenacity and insistence of living things amazes me.

And finally, cute x 6 in the Harlem Meer.

Algae, yum!

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