June 7, 2010

Postcards from my neighborhood

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Whenever something starts falling apart again in our deathtrap of a building, people invariably tell us that we need to just move.  And we seriously consider it…we do.

But then we look out our front door over Central Park, which is right across the street.

This is actually me lying in the clover by the pond, looking uphill towards our street.

Twenty of the entrances, or “gates,” into Central Park have names, in honor of various groups, professions or guilds and their contribution to the city’s history and prosperity.  I’ve always found it personally appropriate that the nearest gate to me is “Stranger’s Gate.”

Every year when TimeOutNY or New York Magazine or someone runs their yearly “best neighborhoods in NYC” feature, we cross our fingers that they haven’t thought to mention ours…because once a neighborhood is “discovered,” it’s all downhill from there…but usually, thankfully, they haven’t, and we breathe another sigh of relief.

And every time I go for a walk in the evening in the springtime, I remember again why I feel so lucky to get to live here.

Last night I walked, as I often do, up Morningside Drive, down Broadway and then over to Amsterdam Ave., basically circling Columbia University and the Cathedral of St. John the Divine.

This is my favorite angel of the cathedral, on the east end overlooking Morningside Drive.  I like him standing guard quietly in the shadows, behind the trees, in contrast to Michael, who’s slaying Satan out front in the sunshine.

In the evening, the light scattering horizontally across the Hudson River and high hills does marvelous things.  This is sunset on the cathedral’s facade, from the community garden at 112th St.

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