May 24, 2010

An interlude of utter geekery

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I heart xkcd.

Okay, so really I’m just messing around on the internet trying to stay off of Facebook since I can’t watch the LOST finale until morning due to an unfortunately scheduled dance rehearsal (really, I don’t understand how the cast didn’t mutiny).  I just had this conversation with my roommate…mass reaction to the episode evidently hit Facebook at like 11:44 PM exactly:

EMILY: Oh, dear.
ME:  What?
EMILY:  Nothing.
ME:  Okay.
EMILY:  I’m not gonna say anything.
ME:  Oh, fuck.
EMILY:  (mildly evil laughter)
ME:  Oh, fuck fuck fuck.
EMILY:  (laughter)
ME:  Are people happy or are people not happy?
EMILY:  I’m not gonna tell you anything.
ME:  Oh, fuck me.  Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!
EMILY:  Okay, I will say this, because I don’t think it’ll….The number of happy and unhappy responses are about the same.
ME:  Oh, okay, that’s to be expected.  That just means…
EMILY:  Just don’t get on Facebook.

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