March 21, 2010

How stupid and helpless are we?

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:19 pm by chavisory

Are we actually not only stupid and helpless enough, but self-loathing enough, to buy pre-washed, pre-sliced apples, packaged in 30 calorie single servings?

Chiquita thinks we are.

In case you can’t read the text clearly:

-Washed, sliced and ready to eat
-Only 30 calories per serving
-Individually packaged in stay fresh pouches

I could go on and on and on about the levels of stupidity here…the cost of a package of pre-washed, pre-sliced apples versus a 3-pound bag of whole apples, the unnecessary plastic packaging from an environmental standpoint, that there actually, probably are people who don’t know how to eat fruit unless it comes pre-sliced and packaged in single servings, and that Chiquita thinks that we will do this because we hate our bodies so much.

Let them know what you think here.


  1. Allison M. said,

    I actually buy these for my son (go ahead and lay into me). The reason I do is because they are allowed to have a healthy snack during class. If I were to give him a regular apple, it has the possibility of getting messy and distracting during school. That’s the only time he eats them. Sometimes you’ll go to drastic measures just to hope your kid eats some kind of veggie or fruit though. The trials and tribulations of parenthood.

  2. chavisory said,

    Okay, that’s about the only thing I can see these being even slightly justifiable for: easy snacks for young children. I would still say it’s smarter to buy a whole bag of apples, and a box of ziplock baggies, and cut them up yourself. But parents are harried and overburdened…I understand that…and it’s only natural to resort to drastic measures to get a kid to eat something healthy. For car trips and school lunches especially, kids just want cool-looking stuff and parents want non-messy stuff.

    But it’s not being marketed as a children’s product. This is from Cooking Light, not a parenting or kids’ magazine.

    What I really, really hate about the ad is how it tries to leverage body hatred to market this as a diet product for women. Apples! As my roommate noted, 30 calories worth of apple is like half an apple! I mean, what is the cost per calorie compared to whole fruit? And they’d turn brown without being spritzed with citric acid or some other preservative or additive.

    So I won’t lay into you for using them as a kids’ convenience snack…I just find the way they’re trying to prey on the learned helplessness and body hatred of adult women too much to handle.

  3. Byron said,

    *scratches head*

    Buy apple. Buy plastic baggie. Cut up apple. Insert in baggie. (A squirt of lemon juice will keep it from getting brown, if that’s a problem.) As someone without kids, maybe I’m trivializing the limited time a parent has, but Annie does this all the time for herself. Me, I just eat ’em whole and use a napkin.

    Anyway, I was going to tell them how I feel, but they require my full address and e-mail address and I don’t see any reason to give them those as I’m sure they’d turn around and send me junk mail.

  4. sari said,

    There isn’t much money to be made in selling a plain old apple…but slice it up all pretty, put it in a colorful bag, quadruple the price and market the hell out of it…all of a sudden you have a highly profitable item. Ugh. No thank you! 🙂

  5. chavisory said,

    Sari–my dad worked in advertising for a long time. He told me once that at least 2/3 of the food products that come on the market every year are only repackaged or reshaped versions of something else. These days, I’d be surprised if it isn’t more.

    It’s not just the fact that they’re trying to sell us something as simple as apples by cutting them up for us–it’s that they’re trying to sell us this by assuming we all hate our bodies that really bothers me.

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